Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vegan Boston Cream Pie with Orange Rosemary Custard Filling

Boston Cream Pie with Orange Rosemary Custard Filling
I usually don't blog desserts because I don't usually have a sweet tooth and really love salty snacks instead.  However, this time is an exception since tomorrow is someone's birthday and I challenged myself to make Vegan Boston Cream Pie.  The idea came from the cooking show The Chew where Carla Hall made a Boston Cream Pie with Orange Rosemary Custard filling.  I decided to veganize it.

Boston Cream Pie is not a pie but it is a round cake, filled with vanilla custard, and topped with chocolate ganache.  This Boston Cream Pie is not an original one.  It is one with a twist.   Instead of a vanilla cake, I made an orange flavor cake.  I also add orange flavoring to the chocolate ganache frosting.  I was especially intrigued with the idea of  'Orange Rosemary Custard' filling.  Is it going to be good?  I just got to try it. It was delicious!  DH LOVES this cake (he is the one with a sweet tooth).  He was surprised about the rosemary adding a unique flavor to the cake.  He said, "It's just a hint of rosemary!"  It really makes this cake unique and elegant.

To make the custard filling I used Bird's Imported English Dessert Mix and then add Tofutti Better than Sour Cream to make it more creamy.  I also used triple sec such as Cointreau orange liqueur, orange flavor extract, and fresh orange peels for the citrus flavoring.  Fresh rosemary is very strong and 1 sprig of it was enough to permeate the custard filling.

Ingredients used to make custard and ganache (top left, clockwise):  Bird's Imported English Dessert Mix, fresh orange, Tofutti Better than Sour Cream, Fresh Rosemary sprigs, Orange Extract, triple sec (Cointreau), vegan chocolate chips.
Vegan Boston Cream Pie with Orange Rosemary Custard Filling
Serve 12

Vegan Orange Genoise Cake
Makes 3 layers of 9-inch cakes
I made Bryanna's Vegan Lemon Genoise Cake.  I followed the 1 1/2 recipe to make 3 layers of 9-inch cake (although the original recipe: 2 layers, should be fine, too).  I changed the flavor to  orange by adding fresh grated orange rind of a large orange  instead of the lemon rind.  I used white vinegar instead of lemon juice.   I also used orange extract instead of  the lemon extract.

Vegan Orange Rosemary Custard Filling
Makes about 3 cups

2 1/2 cups soy milk
1/2 cup soy creamer
1 sprig fresh rosemary
3 - 4 slices fresh orange rinds, each 3-inches long
5 Tbsp. sugar

2 pkgs/sachets  Bird's Imported English Dessert Mix

1/2 cup Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream

Additional flavoring:
1 Tbsp. grated orange rinds
1 tsp. orange flavor extract
2 Tbsp. triple sec liqueur
  1. Combine first 5 ingredients in a medium pot (without the sour cream and Imported English Dessert Mix).
  2. Heat until milk started to boil and sugar is dissolved.  Turn down heat to simmer and let it simmered for 10 minutes.
  3. Use a strainer, strain the flavored hot milk to remove the rosemary and rinds.  Let it cool.
  4. Combine Bird's Dessert Mix and the flavored cooled milk.  Heat and stir until pudding is thickened.  Let it boil for 2-3 minutes.  Take it off heat. Let it cool in the fridge.
  5. Add the additional flavoring: orange rinds, extract, and liqueur.
  6. Add sour cream and combine well.  You may use a hand mixer to mix it really well and creamy.  Set it aside in the fridge until it is time to assemble the cake.

Assembling the cake:
  1. Put a layer of genoise cake on a cake stand.
  2. Add 1/2 of vegan orange rosemary custard filling. Spread it evenly.
  3. Add another layer of genoise cake. Then add the other half of the custard filling and spread it evenly.
  4. Add the final layer of genoise cake.  Set it aside in the fridge for at least half an hour before frosting.

Orange Flavored Chocolate Ganache

11-12 oz good quality vegan chocolate chips
6-7 Tbsp. soy creamer
2 Tbsp. triple sec liqueur
2 tsp. orange flavor extract
Optional: grated orange rinds ( 1 tsp.)

  1. Just before the cake is ready to be frosted (after cake was assembled and sat in the fridge), in a double boiler, melt chocolate.
  2. Start to add 1 tablespoon at a time of soy creamer and alternate with liqueur and orange extract until chocolate becomes a pourable sauce.
  3. Pour chocolate ganache onto assembled cake and spread it evenly on top and sides of the cake.
Store assembled and frosted cake in the fridge until serving time.


Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

The orange rosemary aspect sounds amazing!

spiceislandvegan said...

It was a yummy and unusual flavor cake!

Stephen Andrew said...

I love your blog! I hope I'm still allowed to read even though I don't always cook vegan :). I think I will try this recipe though. At this point I am trying to explore vegan cuisine and learn as much as I can. Thanks for the beautiful blog and photos.

spiceislandvegan said...


I don't have any rule about reading my blog. ANYONE can read and try the recipe whether the person is vegan or not. It is the love of cooking that made me create my blog. :-) Vegan cuisine can be easier than non-vegan cuisine. For example, I don't really need a giant mixer such as Kitchen Aid(I sold mine) to make cakes cause I don't need to beat eggs. I just use a simple hand mixer and sometimes no mixer at all.

Unknown said...

Cute especially about the desserts. I like to relax and earn not only on work. Part of the money for my bakery business I won in the baccarat and grateful to destiny for it.

Seth said...

Interesting thoughts.