Saturday, November 04, 2006

O Wow! Pumpkin Tunnel Cake, a Vegan Bundt Cake

Finally, I am able to make this new recipe from Bryanna Clark Grogan's new newsletter. My first impression when I inverted the cake to the serving plate was " O WOW!" It was a perfect and beautifully shaped bundt cake! I was so happy that I baked such a beautiful cake, I ran outside to our side yard with the hot steaming cake to show it to DH (he was planting plumeria trees). Here is the picture after I drizzled it with vegan caramel and chopped toasted pecan:

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Here is a picture of a slice. I would have eaten it with Soyatoo! but I was out. :-) I guess I like that Soyatoo! a bit too much... :-)

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The cake was delicious, full of pumpkin flavor and spices, and it was moist. We both love it. It was so tasty with the vegan caramel topping. The 'tunnel' is made of silken tofu, cashew, crystallized ginger bits, and lemon juice flavored. It is called Lemon-Ginger Tofu Cashew Creme Cheeze filling.

Here is a picture after the cake is cut:

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Now, here is a teaser for you! I am not giving out the recipe. This recipe is for Vegan Feasters (subscribers) only. Yes, Bryanna only gives out recipes like this to her subscribers. I have been a vegan feaster for a long long time and I have had so many surprises like this from her newsletters. It doesn't cost much to subscribe and you will get tons of recipes. It is well worth it. If it looks like I am advertising it, you got that right, I am! :-) That's because I want to spread out her good and proven creations and also that she deserves it! So, what are you waiting for?