Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dinner: Acorn Squash Stuffed with Sage Polenta and Seitan Bourguignon

What's on our dinner menu yesterday were the salad from my previous post (the Ruby Grapefruit one), Acorn Squash Stuffed with Sage Polenta and Seitan Bourguignon, and for dessert: Strawberry Mousse Cake (next post).

There was no special event or invited guests for this festive dinner. I just bought so many vegan cookbooks lately and wanted to try so many recipes.

The recipe of this dinner entree is from the Millennium cookbook's page 140 titled: Pumpkins Stuffed with Sage Polenta and Seitan Bourguignon. It is supposed to be a winter dish but it was an impromptu cooking, might I say. I brought the cookbook to Whole Foods with me while I was shopping thinking that I might get some ideas from it and from what's available at Whole Foods. If you ran out of ideas what to make, sometimes, this method will help. I opened the cookbook and sat it against my shopping cart. I was flipping the pages when my eyes caught on this recipe and at the same time I saw several acorn squashes were sitting on the shelf. I think these were the last batch in WF. Perusing the rest of the ingredients listed, I was sure that I can get them all at this market. I also found cipollini onions that I could add to this dish to replace the pearl onions in the recipe. These are unusual onions that the cashier was having trouble to find the code for it.

This dish turned out to be very elegant and perfect for a company dinner. It is so delicious and satisfying. The red wine sauce from the seitan bourguignon was really smooth on the creamy sage polenta and baked acorn squash. I didn't make my own seitan this time. Whole Foods sells White Wave prepared seitan that surprisingly was good in this dish.

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