Friday, August 11, 2006

Millennium Chocolate-Almond Midnight - Vegan Chocolate Mousse Pie

Yum yum yum! That's all I can say about this chocolate mousse pie. A bite of this pie, your tongue will fly to cloud no. 9. The creamy chocolaty mousse on top of a cashew crust was served with raspberry sauce/couli and almond pralines. Since I bought the Millennium cookbook, I have had a strong desire to make this dessert but I didn't want to make it just for the 2 of us. DH invited few vegetarian ex-coworkers to our home for vegan Japanese cuisine (guess who did all the cooking). Finally, I took this opportunity to make this mousse pie. Our guest was so impressed and said, 'If you didn't tell me that this cake is made of tofu, I would not know it!'. Oh, I love to hear that! Tofu rocks!

Yes, this mousse pie is made of tofu, 2 boxes of Mori-Nu Lite Extra Firm silken tofu! 2 cups Tropical Source Vegan Chocolate Chips were added to it. The crust underneath it is made of cashew, flour, and a bit of sugar. The crust was baked blindly first. Then, the silken tofu, melted chocolate chips, vanilla extract, sugar, are blended in a processor and poured into the baked crust. Then, I baked it for about 35 minutes. It was that easy!

I made the almond pralines and raspberry sauce myself too. The recipes for the pralines and raspberry couli are in the cookbook too. The Millennium restaurant in San Francisco serves this dessert at their restaurant every night. It has become their customers' favorite. I have never visited the Millennium but I would love to, one day.

DH doesn't like the raspberry sauce served with it but I do. The combination of chocolate and raspberry is my favorite. Fortunately, we had leftover and happily finished the leftover. It is not heavy as mousse with real milk/cream and I am sure that the calorie is half of the real mousse. It is so decadent that I don't miss the real mousse. It is long gone now but we still dream about it!


Dori said...

My eyes opened wider when I saw the picture of this awesome choclate pie. It was almost like you were reading my mind... I was just thinking I really want to do something chocolate and rich. Then I click on your blog page... wow!

Harmonia said...

Hi! Sorry it has taken me a while but I wanted to let you know that I have moved my blog! Yup! A new addy! It's - swing by and check it out when you have time. My old one will still be active for the daily OM and blogroll. Hope to see you soon!

Valentina said...

awww... this pie looks wonderful! i like your blog and i've added it to my links list! ;-)

Harmonia said...

I just HAD to come back to this yummy vision!


To answer your question...yes, I like Choice Brand Tea. The one I have right now is White Peony Tea. I also like Choice because it's fair trade, too!

Marathon Someday said...

I recently went to Millenium when visiting San Fran - it was out of this world. I had a "taster" sampling plate of all their desserts, including the mousse pie. The most amazing thing on the plate was a "geranium-infused fudge square". Out of this world!

I might buy their cookbook when I get a little more advanced.

KleoPatra said...